NRSC - Ensign Challenges Colleagues; Pledges to Match DSCC Spending

Much has been made this cycle about the DSCC having more cash on hand than the NRSC, but today NRSC Chairman Ensign stated loudly and clearly (full text below) he will not allow Chuck Schumer and the DSCC to buy Senate seats. Ensign committed to matching dollar for dollar the money Schumer has pledged for states across the country, including:





New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Carolina


Any Where Else Needed

While Democrats currently have more money, they are sorely trailing in solutions (e.g. energy, lowering taxes, etc.), and now that these are campaigns of ideas, Democrats are on the defensive.

John Randall

Online Communications Manager

National Republican Senatorial Committee

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Statement From Senator John Ensign

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NRSC Press Office

WASHINGTON,DC -- Senator John Ensign, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, today made the following statement regarding the Committee's Independent Expenditure (IE)budget:

"While I am proud of the fact that the NRSC is in a better position than the past cycle -- $5 million better -- it is just not enough.

"Chuck Schumer and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) have recently placed television buys totaling approximately $44.8 million in targeted Senate races across the country. I will not allow our Republican candidates to be outspent by the DSCC this cycle. Therefore, it is my intention to give the NRSC's IE Unit the total budget to match the DSCC dollar for dollar in every state they run ads.

"While I am aware we do not currently have the funds to match the DSCC, I am giving our IE Unit this budget on faith -- faith that my Republican colleagues will step up to the challenge and transfer the funds necessary to remain competitive with the Democrats. I have informed my colleagues that it is now up to them.

"I believe our Republican Senate candidates will ultimately be successful in November and my colleagues and I will do everything we can to give them that chance."