DNC - Dean on Job Loss Numbers

Washington, DC--Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement after the Labor Department announced America lost another 62,000 non-farm jobs last month--the sixth month in a row to lose jobs--bringing the total to nearly 500,000 this year:

"On the same day John McCain is in Mexico promoting NAFTA, we find out America lost another 62,000 jobs last month because of the failed Bush-McCain economic policies that have been a disaster for our country. How much longer must this go on before George Bush and John McCain realize their economic policies are hurting America? What we need is a President who will put American workers first and give hard-working families a tax break. But with John McCain as president, we'd get lobbyists running the White House and more tax breaks for big oil and special interests. That's not the kind of economy we want, it's not the kind of America we want, and that's why voters will reject John McCain come November."