AUFC - National Bush Legacy Bus Tour Comes to Manchester

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Manchester, NH – In what supporters of the President have dubbed his “legacyyear,” AmericansUnited for Change, the progressive issue-advocacy group best known for leading the successful fight to beat back President Bush’s effort to privatize Social Security in 2005,has hit the road with its latest effort -- the Bush Legacy Bus. The 45-foot long, 28 ton, clean bio-diesel-powered museum on wheels features several interactive exhibits on how two terms of failed conservative policies supported by Bush and his allies -- including Sens. John McCain, Judd Gregg and John Sununu - have weakened America’s security abroad while neglecting and undermining important priorities here at home.

The latest stop on the national Bush Legacy Tour was in Manchester today where Americans United along with local NH progressive leaders held Sens. John Sununu and Judd Gregg accountable for voting in lockstep with this President’s worst policy failures 89 percent and 93 percent of the time respectively, according to Congressional Quarterly. They stood with Bush on everything from tax cuts for millionaires that never managed to ‘trickle-down’ to everyone else; to a 2005 Republican energy bill written by and for the big oil companies making record profits that did nothing to lower gas prices; to keeping U.S. troops struck in the crosshairs of a religious civil war in Iraq with no end in sight.

The Bush Legacy tour kicked off inWashington D.C.on June 24th and will travel coast-to-coast throughout the summer, making nearly 150 stops in the hometowns of Bush’s allies in Congress, both national political conventions and symbolic and historic locations like New Orleans and Crawford, TX. Click here to visit the Bush Legacy Tour homepage:

“The people of New Hampshire were given a chance to reflect on how 8 years of failed Bush/conservative polices have left behind an economy in shambles, millions more without health insurance, and thousands each day losing their jobs, their homes, and their dignity,” said Julie Blust, of Americans United for Change. “The Bush Legacy leaves behind a disastrous misadventure in Iraq that has cost over 4,000 Americans theirs lives, wounded more than 30,000 others and has harmed our national security by stretching the military to the breaking point. This costly and unnecessary war is projected to cost our nation trillions of dollars – all while shortchanging so many critical priorities here at home like education, infrastructure, and healthcare for our children and veterans.”

“The vast majority of the American public agrees this President’s conservative policies have cost this nation dearly – but we must remember Bush didn’t do it alone. He had the help of Senators like Judd Gregg and John Sununu who rubberstamped his most disastrous policies, from tax cuts for millionaires that never managed to ‘trickle-down’ to everyone else, to an energy bill that did nothing to lower gas prices and instead doled out billions of dollars in wasteful subsidies to the big oil companies, to keeping U.S. troops struck in the crosshairs of a religious civil war in Iraq with no end insight. Yes, Sens. Gregg and Sununuwill leave behind their own legacy of putting loyalty to Bush and conservative ideology ahead of struggling New Hampshire families, seniors and veterans.”

“The Bush Legacy Project is not just about Bush – it is about the conservativeideology he and his allies in Congress, including John McCain, John Sununu andJudd Gregg, represent,” added Blust. “It’s time to drive astake in the heart of conservative ideology, which is a failed governingphilosophy. The Bush Legacy Bus is just one piece in an ongoing effort toredefine American political values and to create an enduring progressivemajority in America.The bus serves to educate Americans about how the conservative policesPresident Bush and his allies in Congress have pursued have failed America andwhy progressive approaches to healthcare, the economy, foreign policy and otherissues provide the solutions Americans are looking for.”

The goals of the “Bush Legacy Project” arethreefold:

· Remind American voters why they have lost faith inPresident Bush and his conservative agenda.

· Tie Bush and his agenda directly to theconservative brand and its followers.

· Shift the center of the political debate towardprogressive solutions to our nation’s most intractable problems bydemonstrating the failure of Bush’s policies and conservative ideology.

A number ofgroups have sponsored or partnered with AUFC on the Bush Legacy Bus, includingCenter for American Progress Action Fund, AFSCME, SEIU, AFL-CIO,, Political Action, Healthcare for America Now and American Rights atWork, among others.

Jeremy J. Funk
Communications Director, Americans United for Change