CEI Blogger Update: CEI Release 10,000 Commandments Report

CEI Blogger Update
July 31, 2008
CEI Author Releases Report on North Carolina's Unfair Auto Insurance
North Carolina’s Unfair Auto Insurance System, a report by CEI Senior Fellow Eli Lehrer, was released this week by The John Locke Foundation.
From the Abstract: "North Carolina’s government-controlled auto insurance system is unfair to good drivers because it overcharges them in order to subsidize some of the state’s more risky and dangerous drivers. Every auto insurance policy written in the state has a hidden tax – which averages 6 percent – that goes to the government-mandated, privately run insurance pool."
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Bush Signs Blank Check for Costly Mortgage Bailout 
by Hans Bader 
"Bush signed into law an enormously costly mortgage bailout today, turning a deaf ear to financial experts who warned about the bill’s dangers and risks, and choosing instead to spend untold billions of dollars (potentially up to $300 billion) to bail out government-backed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."
The HSA Revolution That’s Already Here
by John Belau
"The new book America’s Health Care Crisis Solved has been praised as providing a detailed, free-market solution for healthcare’s future. This it does, but what’s almost as fascinating about the book is its description of what is going on in the present, with consumer-driven health savings accounts (HSAs)."
Egads. Physicists Debate Global Warming. Call Al Gore!
by Doug Bandow
"This can’t be.  There apparently are PHYSICISTS who don’t believe the world is about to end due to climate change.  They even disagree with the UN’s IPCC.  My god!  What further horrors await all true believers in the Goracle’s pronouncements??"
Doha Round stalled again — take 2
by Fran Smith
"Today, as Ryan Young noted in his post, negotiations collapsed in the ninth day of talks to resuscitate the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round. Irreconcilable differences between the U.S. and India and China on what are called in trade-speak 'special safeguard measures' are blamed for the bad ending to this session."
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