NRCC - Shea-Porter Sinks Potential Solution for Energy Crisis

Shea-Porter Blocks Bill for Deep Ocean Energy Exploration

Washington- One day after the Democrat Majority in Congress voted to adjourn for a month-long vacation, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) washed away one of her final opportunities to address America's energy crisis today when she voted to block the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act, which was aimed at reducing the price of gasoline by enabling exploration of America’s own deep sea energy reserves (House Roll Call 547)

With less than 24 hour until Democrats adjourn Congress for a month-long vacation, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter again proved she’s a lapdog to Democrat Party leaders by voting to block the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act (H.R. 6108), also telling the voters in New Hampshire that she opposes:

  • Enabling the United States to responsibly explore its own deep ocean to produce American energy
  • Granting coastal states the authority to keep exploration 100 miles from their coastlines
  • Allowing states to share in the revenues received.

“Carol Shea-Porter should go to work in the construction industry, since she would obviously make a much better road block than representative for the people of New Hampshire,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. "Carol Shea-Porter’s obstruction of critical energy legislation is no longer surprising, but it is appalling."

Instead of working across the aisle, Shea-Porter continues her political dance, attempting to distract her constituents from the reality that she has repeatedly voted to block the real energy solutions that Republicans are fighting for.  And in her attempts to deflect blame from her obstructionist tactics, Shea-Porter and the Democrats have repeatedly offered up sham bills to take political cover from the anger of voters facing oppressively high gas prices.  The voters have had enough of Carol Shea-Porter's political games and are ready for a representative who will actually deliver solutions.