DNC - #87. Shortchanging Americas Veterans and Military Families


Bush 2007 Budget Proposes Cuts in Veterans Health Care Funding by $10 Billion Over Five Years.  Over five years, the budget cuts funding $10.0 billion below the level the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates is needed to maintain purchasing power at the 2006 level. Almost all appropriated funding for veterans goes to provide medical care and hospital services. [House Budget Committee, Democratic Staff; 3/21/06]

Bush 2007 Budget Cuts Medical and Prosthetic Research.  The budget cuts medical and prosthetic research by $13 million below the 2006 enacted level. Among the R&D activities within this program are efforts to help new war veterans - to improve treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder, blast-related injuries, and Gulf War related illness. [Budget of the US Government, 2/06; House Budget Committee, Democratic Staff; 3/21/06]


McCain Voted for Bush 2007 Budget. In 2006, McCain voted for the 2007 Budget Resolution. [2006 Senate Vote #74, 3/16/2006]

McCain Voted To Keep Bush Tax Cuts Instead Of Adding $104 Billion For Veterans' Health Care. In 2006, McCain opposed providing over $104 billion for veterans' health care, offset by reducing the tax cut for those earning over $1 million and closing certain corporate tax loopholes. [2006 Senate Vote #63, 3/16/2006]
McCain Voted Against Adding $1.5 Billion In Funding For Mental Health Services For Veterans By Ending Some Corporate Tax Breaks.  In 2006, McCain voted against adding $1.5 billion to pay for veterans mental health care, readjustment counseling, rehabilitative care, and lowering fees for veterans.  The funding would have been paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes. [2006 Senate Vote #41, 3/14/2006]