Live Free or Die Rally - Update

We have many RSVP's from good folks nationwide. Its that handful that drive ya nuts every year before event, LFOD statement bulked out yesterday was intended for them.

We did 1000+ bulk invite reminder e-mailing off our mailing list last week. I screwed up & part went out not BCC'd. A twit in CO attached bunch of crap to it & re-emailed it. Luckily, most knew it wasn't from us.

Too bad about Poker Face mess. Stuff going back & forth with FSP. I made clear it wasn't just FSP. Everyone’s & organizations hands held over the fire. That seems to be finally calming down. Hopefully for the best.

If damn rain lets up will be best year yet.

Sent out call to arms for volunteers & minutemen for battle. Many responses. Abernaki tribe calls & sez: "Our ancestors were in Continental Army" I said, "Don't forget the Tee-Pee's". He Sez: Their Wig-Wams".

Also, Don't forget fabulous pig roast at battle 8/23 7-10 PM.

Hope to see you all!

Jean Coutu, L.F.O.D. Rally'