NHGOP: Chairman Calls On Shaheen To Denounce Bonnie Raitt’s Radical Agenda

CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen issued the following statement today calling on Jeanne Shaheen to denounce the radical statements made by Bonnie Raitt, one on he rprominent supporters and fundraisers. Ms. Raitt, a performer and well-known supporter of the Castro regime in Cuba, will travel to New Hampshire tomorrow to headline a concert that will raise thousands of dollars for Shaheen’s campaign:

“Jeanne Shaheen needs to explain why she is enlisting a radical activist like Bonnie Raitt, who is clearly out of step with New Hampshire values, to raise thousands of dollars for her campaign. Ms. Raitt has outrageously accused the United States of killing innocent children and has championed the brutal Castro dictatorship in Cuba,” said Fergus Cullen.

“Obviously, Jeanne is so out of touch that she has been star-struck by another liberal Hollywood entertainer who embraces the agenda of the far left. If Shaheen doesn’t agree with these despicable comments and disturbing views, she shouldn’t be using Ms. Raitt’s celebrity status to bring in loads of cash to fund her Senate race. ”


Bonnie Raitt Supported Lifting Economic Sanctions On Saddam Hussein's Murderous Regime And Accused The United States Of Killing Iraqi Children:

Bonnie Raitt was a co-signer of a July 28, 2000 political advertisement in the New York Times condemning the United States' sanctions against Saddam Hussein's regime. The ad also accused the United States of being responsible for the death of "over one million Iraqis, mostly children under five."

Source: (“Are The Children Of Iraq Our Enemies?” New York Times,7/28/2000)

Bonnie Raitt Traveled To Cuba To Perform In A Castro Propaganda Concert And Insult The United States:

· In March of 1999, Bonnie Raitt traveled to Cuba to perform in a propaganda concert sponsored by Fidel Castro at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana.(Radio Havana Cuba, 3/29/1999)

· “Bonnie Raitt visited [ Cuba] in March 1999 and stopped hyperventilating just long enough to compose a song in Castro’s honor, ‘Cuba Is Way Too Cool!’ Among the lyrics: ‘It’s just a little happy island’ and ‘Big bad wolf {that’s us, folks, the United States}you look the fool!’” (Humberto Fontova, Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant)