Young Voter PAC - Youth Delegates Increase For Convention

Hi all, the DNC’s Youth Council release about the increase in delegates for young people under 36 is below. We will host a press avail in Denver on Monday, August 25th, please RSVP to me for more details.

Youth to be in Full Force in Denver

Record Number of Young People to Attend National Convention

Washington, DC – Growing on the strong performance of young voters during the primaries, young people are set to make up just over 16% of all convention delegates, alternates, standing committee members and pages, at the end of the month in Denver, beating all previous records.

Based on information from the Office of the Secretary of the Democratic National Committee, there are scheduled to be 631 delegates aged 36 and under helping to select the Democratic Party presidential nominee. This record performance tops the 11% of youth delegates in 2004 and the 9% in 2000.

“It’s thrilling to have so many young people involved in this important convention,” said Jason Rae, Co- Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Youth Council. “The DNC Youth Council has worked hard this past year to train youth leaders across the country on the procedures to be a delegate to the convention and our efforts paid off with a record-setting number of youth participants selected to come to Denver.”

In addition to 631 delegates, there will also be 118 young people serving as alternates, 55 as standing committee members, and 74 as pages. During the National Convention, the Youth Council will sponsor two official meetings and a watch party for all youth convention participants.

“Nearly every state and territory will be represented by someone 36 or under, said Jane Fleming Kleeb, Co-Chair of the DNC’s Youth Council. “We are excited to have everyone joining this historic convention. Young people are transforming the electoral map – and based on the convention numbers they will also be transforming meetings, platforms and how the Party treats young voters.”

The Democratic National Committee’s Youth Coordinating Council was constituted by the DNC in December 2005 and works to increase opportunities for young people, 36 and under, in the Democratic Party. The Youth Council is composed of all DNC members under 36, as well as 12 appointed at-large members A press conference will be held by the Youth Council on Monday, August 25th in Denver for all members of traditional and non-traditional media to meet youth voting experts and the delegates under 36.

Press Contact: A'shanti Fayshel Gholar,