Bosse For Congress (CD-2) - Bosse Challenges Clegg to Stand Up for Workers

(Hillsboro) Republican Grant Bosse today challenged rival Bob Clegg to publically oppose the misleadingly named “Employee Free Choice Act”, the bill being pushed by union bosses to force workers into supporting unionization. Bosse supports the right of workers to vote on unions by secret ballot, a right being threatened by Nancy Pelosi, Paul Hodes, and the AFL-CIO. Bosse challenged Clegg to join him in supporting the Secret Ballot Protection Act, sponsored by Senators Jim DeMint and John McCain.

“Labor union bosses are pushing to take away the secret ballot, and have made this their top legislative priority,” Bosse said. “I think workers should be able to vote for or against unionization free from fear and intimidation. What about Bob?”

Current law allows workers to petition for union certification, and requires that any such vote take place by secret ballot in order to avoid intimidation by both union bosses and management. The Pelosi-Hodes proposal would automatically unionize a business if union organizers collected cards from a majority of workers, stripping workers of their right to a secret ballot.

Clegg has actively sought the support of labor unions in his bid to win the Republican Nomination in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District, and has so far remained silent on the “Employee Free Choice Act.” Bosse says voters deserve to know where their candidates stand.

“New Hampshire workers deserve an open process, and a real choice on whether or not to form a union. I will never support any effort to strip them of their right to a secret ballot,” Bosse added. “Nancy Pelosi, Paul Hodes, and the labor union bosses want to take away the secret ballot. What about Bob?”

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