Politicker.com - Pindell Report on NH races

Fellow political junkies,

I know how frustrating some of our political forecasting reports can be. Their analysis and ranking of all federal elections are written by some of the most brilliant people in politics. I know because I grew up learning from them. But they publish updates whenever they darn well please, even if it is weeks after a new poll or a new scandal broke. And they were, by definition, the reflection of what Washington was thinking and not what people were saying on the ground.

This is why, today, I am excited to announce The Pindell Report ( http://www.politicker.com/pindell-report ), Politicker.com's newest product. We began The Pindell Report with the premise to take the best of everything currently existing and present it in a simple way. We wanted to take advantage of our medium, the Internet, to update when news breaks. We rely on our nearly two dozen reporters in 15 key states to provide what no one else can: On-the-ground feel.

In its final form, The Pindell Report ranks all U.S. Senate races, all gubernatorial races, 19 presidential swing states, and the top 59 U.S. House races in terms of the competitiveness. In determining competitiveness the reports takes into account polling, fundraising, past election data, demographic changes and interviews with the nation's top political strategists. The rankings are evaluated daily ensuring rankings are current. We also use the traditional status system others do like "Leans Democratic" or "Likely Republican" or “Toss-up". In addition, our team will add updates to the races when they happen. You are also given the option of subscribing to a RSS feed of updates for specific races so you'll never miss out on the latest poll or ad in a race you care about. Lastly, you can print out a simple chart of where the nation's races currently stand to take with you on the airplane to the next strategy meeting.

As a result The Pindell Report ( http://www.politicker.com/pindell-report ) is the most dynamic and deeply reported political analysis tool. It is my sincere hope you have fun with it.


James Pindell
National Managing Editor, Politicker.com

Read more on my analysis of the Granite State: “N.H. Senate race most competitive in nation” ( http://www.politickernh.com/editornh/2923/pindell-report-nh-one-most-competitive-states-politics )