Campaign For Our Country PAC - John Kerry launches

John Kerry's PAC, Campaign For Our Country, is today launching a new, innovative website,, designed to empower activists and fight back against the rightwing smear machine.

From the hard negative turn of the McCain campaign to the return of fringe author and smear merchant Jerome Corsi, from the millions of dollars of attack ads promised by the rightwing group Freedom's Watch to the emergence of many organizations focused on attacking Democrats in individual races, we've got our work cut out for us to make sure 2008 is not a replay of 2004. provides the latest technology to activists to empower them to track and fight back against the actions of the right-wing smear machine wherever it appears. It will allow activists to input smears as soon as they see them, providing us a real-time view of the spread of lies and distortions, and making possible strategic decisions on how to fight back and where. And it will empower activists to debunk the smears and fight back with the truth.

This effort builds on the realization that there are some things a campaign can't do for itself, and there are limits to what one campaign can do about a negative campaign focused on races up and down the ticket all across the country. focuses the power of one of the largest and most enthusiastic grassroots army of supporters any party has ever had on battling against these smears.