Horn For Congress (CD-2) - Retired Army LTC Steve Russell Endorses Jennifer Horn

Central Player in the Hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein Campaigns in NH

NASHUA - Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, is honored to announce the endorsement of LTC Steve Russell (Ret.).  Russell is a 21 year Army veteran including tours of duty in Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  LTC Col. Russell is highly decorated having received the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal with Valor Device and Oak Leaf Cluster, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, and the Valorous Unit Award.  Currently, He also commanded a battalion of 1,000 infantrymen that played a central role in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein.  Current, Russell travels around the country speaking on behave of US Troops fighting the Global War on Terrorism and standing up for the rights of returning combat veterans.  Steve Russell spent Tuesday campaigning with Horn across New Hampshire’s Second District including a campaign reception with over 60 supporters at the Nashua VFW.

LTC Steve Russell (Ret.):  “A couple of years ago when politicians were saying we should pull all our troops out, cut funding for the war, and abandon the efforts of the things servicemen have fought and sacrificed for, Jennifer Horn took a stand for the troops and allowed us, the returning combat veterans from Iraq, to get our voice to be heard.  It wasn’t popular or what some people wanted to hear, and yet Jennifer Horn staked her reputation and ratings on taking a stand with the troops to help us get our message out into the national debate and God Bless her for that.”

“When you get into the political arena, there’s a lot of rhetoric, but its peoples actions that matter.  I will always be grateful for Jennifer Horn’s commitment to supporting all servicemen and their missions in the face of public opinion.  Jennifer Horn is the type of person we need in Congress that will stand up for her beliefs and stand up for those keeping us safe,” continued Russell.

Jennifer Horn: “Steve Russell and all the brave men and woman who wear our country’s uniform are the real American heroes.  I am proud to support our brave troops and their mission to keep all Americans safe.   I am grateful to Steve for coming to New Hampshire to share his story with us.  He is the embodiment of service to nation and brings more character and integrity to the table than anyone else I have ever known.  When I am in Congress I will fight every day to defend those who defend our country and to return a sense of public service to public office. ”


About LTC Steve Russell (Ret.)

The unit LTC Steve Russell (Ret) commanded was a central player in the hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein. LTC Russell speaks across the US and Canada, rallying the American public to support the troops with victory, not just words.

LTC Russell retired from the US Army after serving 21 years in Airborne, Light and Mechanized assignments in the Arctic, the desert, the Pacific, in Europe and in the Continental United States. He served more than 7 years overseas and has deployed operationally to Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

During Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, LTC Russell commanded the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry 'Regulars' and conducted combat in Tikrit, Iraq from the spring of 2003 to the spring of 2004. His battalion was broadly covered during the first year of the war by CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC, NBC, CBS, TIME MAGAZINE, Associated Press and Reuters. His unit was a central player in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein and has been featured in Discovery's 'Ace in the Hole' and BBC Panorama's 'Saddam on the Run' documentaries.

He is described by the media as "an officer who never misses a chance to be on patrol with his unit. Russell is of average height, wiry and doesn't seem imposing. Yet, he impresses you as a natural leader. He's got the earnestness and intensity of a missionary."

LTC Russell is highly decorated, having received the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal with Valor Device and Oak Leaf Cluster, the Combat Infantryman's Badge and the Valorous Unit Award.

As a sought after speaker, thought-provoking writer, and media analyst, he travels the country to put the soldier's voice in the national debate on the war. He is the founder and chairman of Vets for Victory, an organization that educates the public about the war on terror.

Learn more about Steve Russell and his work at www.vets4victory.com.

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