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CEI's New Weekly Podcast

Episode 3: Join your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist as they take a look at the headlines from the perspective of free markets and limited government. This week’s topics include cyberwarfare in Georgia, an enviro backlash, campaign debates on MySpace, the national debt, CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman on video, net neutrality and, of course, the Olympics. Also featuring an appearance by special guest Ryan Radia.

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New CEI OnPoint on the FDA's Bad Medicine

Gregory Conko's “ FDA’s Bad Medicine: How the Dispersed Knowledge Problem Affects Drug Safety Analysis ,” argues that in a world of increasing knowledge about the subtle but important genetic differences among individuals, clinical physicians are able to make increasingly fine distinctions among their patients’ physiology and ability to benefit from and tolerate certain medicines. And that, in turn, is making FDA ’s role as pharmaceutical gatekeeper less, not more, important.

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MPAA Hacking: Is It Wiretapping ?

by Alex Harris

"The 9th Circuit is hearing a Wiretap Act case that could have broad implications for online privacy. The MPAA hired a hacker who intercepted TorrentSpy employees’ confidential emails as the data was resting in storage on a server for a fraction of a second."


Overprotective Parents and Lawsuits Cause Obesity and Death

by Hans Bader

“In the Wall Street Journal, Philip Howard explains how kids are getting fat (and thus at risk for obesity-related diseases and death) by staying indoors rather than playing outside.”


Stuff White People Like: A Critique of Environmentalism?

by Alex Harris

"Lander’s posts describe the contradictions – some would even say hypocrisy – inherent in bobo culture. Bobos claim to sympathize with poor people and know what’s best for them (see Bandow’s post on LA’s fast food ban), but their lifestyle is totally inaccessible to those of insufficient means."


Are We Are All Disabled Now?

by Hans Bader

“Is it a disability to be shy? Perhaps, since the courts have defined anything that significantly affects your ability to engage in sexual relations as a disability.”


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