Horn For Congress (CD-2) - Horn: Only I Can Beat Paul Hodes

Former Radio Host Highlights Vision, Experience at Nashua Debate

NASHUA – Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, outlined her plan to Move America Forward and highlighted why she is the best candidate to take on Paul Hodes in November at the Republican Second Congressional District Debate tonight in Nashua. 

Jennifer Horn began by saying: “Paul Hodes has failed to do his job and it is time to fire him and send him home.  We should expect more of those we send to Congress.  That is why I have released my ten point Plan to Move America Forward.  We have got to get down to the business of solving the problems that face us today and get our country moving forward again.”

Last week, Jennifer Horn unveiled her 10-point plan to “Move America Forward.”  Voters deserve to know where each of the candidates stands on the critical issues of the day and they deserve to hear it from the candidates themselves.  The plan includes: (1) Making America Energy Independent; (2)Ending Wasteful Government Spending & Lowering Taxes; (3) Winning the War on Terror; (4) Securing the Border; (5)Returning Integrity to Government; (6) Creating Good Jobs; (7) Lowering Health Insurance Costs; (8) Returning Education to Parents, Teachers, & Principals; (9) Reforming Social Security; (10)Fighting for Veterans

 “At the end of the day, your vote on September 9th will be about who is the best person to beat Paul Hodes,” STATED HORN.   “I ask you to take a look at each of us up here on this stage and ask yourself one thing:  Who can beat Paul Hodes in November?” 

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, Congress has an all time low approval rating of 9%.  Additionally, 72% of the American people think most members are more interested in furthering their own political careers than serving the people.   The message is clear: voters are demanding change in 2008. 

HORN CONTINUED: “The choice that you make on Sept 9th is not just about where we stand on the issues, but also who can beat Paul Hodes.  This seat is ours and we need to take it back from the Democrats.  We all know that the voters will not vote for us just because there is an “R” next to our name.  Those days are over in New Hampshire.  To beat Paul Hodes, our nominee needs to be different.  We need a new voice, a new approach, a new way of doing things.  Someone who has dealt directly with the problems caused by Washington and will bring a common sense approach to solving these problems.

 “My opponents are good people.  But the political reality is that they simply can’t win in 2008 - it’s not their year, it’s not their time.  We can’t expect new representation if the GOP nominee offers the same business as usual mentality that we have with Paul Hodes.  I am the only candidate up here who is best positioned to win in November and help elect John Sununu and John McCain,” HORN CONCLUDED.