NH GOP - Shaheen Takes The Gold

CONCORD – As the world watches some of the most skilled and experienced gymnasts compete in the 2008 summer Olympics, Granite Staters are reminded of the complicated twists and dizzying spins completed by their former governor Jeanne Shaheen during her six years in the corner office.

One of her most impressive maneuvers was her attempt to wriggle out of her pledge to veto any broad based taxes. Despite her previous promise, Shaheen increased the tax burden on New Hampshire families by signing the first statewide property tax and attempted to ruin New Hampshire’s economy by proposing a statewide sales tax and a capital gains tax.

“When it comes to taxes, Jeanne Shaheen cannot be trusted. As Governor, she swam away from her anti-tax campaign rhetoric faster than Michael Phelps. After promising to veto any broad based taxes, Jeanne pulled off an impressive 180 degree flip turn on the issue, later signing a statewide property tax and proposing a 2.5% sales tax and capital gains tax that would have devastated New Hampshire’s economy,” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“During her term in office she provided failed leadership, oversaw record increases in spending, and proposed new tax hikes as her ‘solution’ to virtually every issue. Jeanne Shaheen’s twists and somersaults on taxes are just another example of her repeated attempts to conceal her liberal, anti-New Hampshire agenda with phony election year rhetoric.”




Ability To Break A Major Election Year Promise: 9.5

Willingness To Saddle Working Families With An Oppressive Tax Burden: 10

Reckless Disregard For New Hampshire’s Economy: 10

Medal: GOLD


JeanneShaheen Pledged To Veto Any New Broad Based Tax….

· Union Leader: “Four times, Shaheen pledged and guaranteed to veto any ‘new’ broad-based tax.” (“Lucas Again Hits Governor; Shaheen Repeats Tax Veto Pledge,” Union Leader,11/30/1998)

…ButFlipped Her Position After The Election, Signing A Statewide Property Tax And Proposing A 2.5% Sales Tax And Capital Gains Tax.

· Union Leader: “Here's what Shaheen said at a Wednesday press conference about a solution to the school funding crisis:.. ‘I think it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get to the amount that is going to be required without including the (statewide) property tax in some way.’” (“Shaheen ‘Pledge’ Comment Slammed, Defended,” Union Leader, 2/5/1999)

· Union Leader: “Gov. Jeanne Shaheen proposed a tax reform package to fund education yesterday that includes a new2.5 percent sales tax…” Union Leader, 2/8/2001)