What is in the Chowder this WEEK?

Reporting in from the 2008 Council of State Goverments Annual Meeting  - State Senators Cilley and D'Allesandro

(Trust me the discussion focused on this Fall's energy challenges.)

Edwards political future, Clinton's bad campaign (Atlantic Monthly tells it all), Russia's pre-emptive strike on Georgia, Federal Emergency Designations (two counties didn't make the list), Conventions (some folks are praying for rain), endorsments...

The nature of work - Independent Contractor or Employee?

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Part One - The Legislators Big ConFab and the Week in Rewind.

State Senator Jackie Cilley
State Senator Lou D'Allesandro

Part Two - Independent Contractor or Employee??

Mark McKenzie - NH AFL-CIO
Scott Richards, Owner -  Spectrum Floors
Mark Erlich
  -New England Regional Council of Carpenters

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