DNC - Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Takes On Jindal As Potential McCain VP Pick

Selecting Bobby Jindal would mean more of the same Bush-Cheney policies in Washington

WASHINGTON -With speculations that John McCain may pick Governor Bobby Jindal as his vice presidential running mate, Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Chris Whittington held a conference call today with members of the media to explain why Jindal offers more of the same politics and policies that America has gotten from Dick Cheney and the Bush administration. The call comes as the Democratic National Committee launches a section on Jindal on its website www.TheNextCheney.com, a site devoted to exploring the records of the potential Republican vice-presidential nominees. Chairman Whittington was joined by DNC Research Director Mike Gehrke.

The following are excerpts from the call:

Chris Whittington, Chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party:

"Here in Louisiana, he started off touting ethics reform as his gold standard, but he gutted the system with a "clear and convincing" standard as opposed to the former preponderance of the evidence. This resulted in mass resignations on the ethics board and makes it nearly impossible to prove ethics violations. He shields his activities from the taxpayers: the group the Citizen Access Project at the University of Florida ranks Louisiana dead last when it comes to access to the governor's office."

Mike Gehrke, DNC Research Director:

"We do think that Gov. Jindal would be an interesting pick for John McCain because in him you've got someone who served in the Bush administration, voted with him in lockstep when he was in Congress, and has toed the line as a governor too. So if John McCain picks him he's hit the trifecta of someone who would be most like George Bush and Dick Cheney."

"We can go down the list on issue after issue--whether it's jobs, disaster recovery, law enforcement funding, health care. He's taken his lead from the Republicans and voted right down the line with George Bush and Dick Cheney."