Obama For President - Granite Stater Becomes Obama's 2 Millionth Donor

MANCHESTER—One of New Hampshire’s own recently became the 2 millionth donor to Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Edward Prouty, a resident of Atkinson, donated $25 to the campaign and is now part of the over 2 million strong grassroots network of donors that continues to propel Sen. Obama’s campaign toward victory in November. Sen. Obama called Mr. Prowty on Wednesday night to thank him for his contribution.

“Edward’s donation to the Obama campaign demonstrates just how strongly voters in New Hampshire and across the country are looking to fundamentally change business as usual in Washington,” said Sandra Abrevaya, New Hampshire Communications Director. “We are proud of the millions of volunteers and more than two million donors to the Obama campaign who will provide the backbone of our campaign to put America back on track and reject the old politics and failed Bush policies, which is all John McCain is offering.”

Prowty,63, is a heating and air conditioning contractor who sells and installs heating and cooling systems for homes and small businesses. A lifelong New Englander, Mr. Prowty noted that he has been thinking of donating to the campaign for quite awhile.

Audio of Wednesday’s conversation is attached.