Bradley For Congress - Bradley Comments on Shea-Porter's Defense of Charles Rangel

Calls for Return of $10,000Donation


Manchester, NH – Yesterday the US House voted, primarily along party lines, against censuring Charles Rangel for his unethical behavior. It has been prominently reported recently that Rangel accepted cut rent from a campaign donor for four New York City apartments, he used taxpayer funded congressional staff and material in order to raise money unrelated to his official duties and he sponsored an earmark to fund a library and office space dedicated to himself. Carol Shea-Porter yesterday, voted against condemning these actions.


“Yesterday, Carol Shea-Porter had the opportunity to show New Hampshire that she was there to represent its best interests, not the interests of her Pelosi leadership and above-the-law colleagues. Unfortunately, Congresswoman Shea-Porter did not seize the opportunity, voting against condemning New York Congressman Charles Rangel for his well document infractions including accepting a sweetheart deal for New York apartments-one he used as a campaign office.


“The Congresswoman needs to make it up to New Hampshire voters by demonstrating to them she is not beholden to Rangeland other Pelosi colleagues, by returning the $10,000 donation she received from Rangel’s PAC. His attempt to skirt House Regulations and take taxpayer dollars for a personal tribute does not represent the values of New Hampshire, and Shea-Porter needs to stop endorsing it.


“Carol Shea-Porter has continually put the interests of partisan politics before the interests of people, and come November, I suspect people will remember this vote, when they cast their own.”– Jeb Bradley


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