Bradley For Congress - Granite Grok Endorses Jeb Bradley In 1st District

Conservative Website & Radio Hosts Pick Jeb for Congress!


Manchester, NH – Granite Grok has chosen Jeb Bradley in the 1st Congressional District. Conservative activists Doug Lambert and Skip Murphy host the website which blogs on various political, social and news items affecting New Hampshire and the nation. The site today posted its endorsement of Jeb acknowledging his hard work for the1st district and his ability to beat Carol Shea-Porter in November.


“His conservative credentials come attached with a reasonable and respected record on the environment that can be defended against the overheated rhetoric that will be undoubtedly deployed by Shea-Porter and the big money special interest groups backing her (Sierra Club, etc).,” wrote Lambert on the website.


He continued, “When one considers the issues of the day-- national defense-- which includes a secure border, a sound energy strategy, and keeping the economy strong so that people won't need the helping hand of government, Jeb Bradley fits the bill quite nicely. He has experience, and has proven he understands the value of frequent and constant contact with the ordinary people of our District.”


Jeb, who faces a primary challenge in September, was honored to receive the endorsement. “I am very pleased to have received the endorsement and support of Skip and Doug. Granite Grok is a site that I read regularly and at times appear on and am always impressed with the values expressed by Skip and Doug and their ability to demonstrate the dangerous impact of the current Congress on our citizens, ”Bradley said. “I will continue to work hard for the people of New Hampshire and appreciate the support I have already received and the support I hope to on election day!”


Jeb will appear on the Granite Grok Radio Program on WEMJ 1490 AM or podcast on the website Saturday morning at10:30!


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