Clegg For Congress (CD-2) - Gale Thomson Endorses Bob Clegg For Congress

Wife of Governor Meldrim Thomson Picks Clegg in 2ndDistrict

Concord, NH— Gale Thomson, widow of former Governor Meldrim Thomson, has endorsed Bob Clegg in the 2nd Congressional District Race in New Hampshire. Citing his conservative values and ability to work across party lines, Mrs. Thomson lent her support to the campaign.

“ Low taxes are the result of low spending. That was my husband’s mantra. Bob Clegg has worked for the last 20 years at the local and state level with exactly that philosophy and that's why I am supporting his candidacy." Mrs. Thomson said.

“I am absolutely honored by the support of Mrs. Thomson. She and her husband have always worked hard to protect the New Hampshire way of life,” said Clegg. “We need to lower taxes to stimulate the economy. Governor and Mrs. Thomson have always understood that. I look forward to Mrs. Thomson’s counsel as we continue this campaign through success in November.”

<PSTYLE="MARGIN: 0in 10pt?> Mrs. Thomson lives in Orford, New Hampshire. Governor Thomson served from 1973 to 1979.