NH DOC - State Prison Inmates Supply Furnishings for New Gilford Library

(Concord, N.H.) Inmates from the New Hampshire Correctional Industries program at the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord designed and built the wood furnishings for the new Gilford Public Library.

Approximately 150 custom built bookcases, tables, desks, computer work stations, and display cases were manufactured at the Concord facility over the past four months. Each item was built from raw materials and wood that was cut and fashioned to specifics. Thirty inmates working double shifts participated in the project.

The new library celebrated its open house on August 19, 2008, and patrons were able to see the new furnishings in every section of the building. Two weeks ago, four inmates from the Lakes Region Facility in Laconia also assisted the Friends of the Gilford Public Library when the new furnishings were moved into the building.

“This is a win-win situation. The inmates hone a marketable skill in the field of woodworking and the public benefits. It also showcases the positive work of the inmates at the Department of Corrections,” Commissioner William L. Wrenn said.

In a letter to Commissioner Wrenn, Kate Hamel, President of the Friends of the Gilford Public Library, thanked Correctional Industries and the Wood Shop for “their exceptional craftsmanship, service, and commitment” to the project.