Obama For President - Grandparents for Obama

L eaders of a grassroots effort of grandparents and their supporters, who call themselves “Grandparents for Obama,” are in Denver and Washington , D.C. , to attend the Democratic National Convention August 25-28 and the AARP National Event and Expo September 4-6.
Daniel Roy , a retired university administrator from Belfair , Washington , decided he could no longer sit on the sidelines. “Older citizens are concerned about security of their retirement, but are even more concerned about their children’s and grandchildren’s future. They do not want to leave a legacy of endless war, bad economy and indebtedness, a failing educational system, lack of access to proper health care, and a deteriorating environment. They want new direction.”

Roy decided to put his personal life “on hold”, voluntarily work for Barack Obama and develop a Grandparents for Obama website. In just a few weeks, his effort has expanded from one state to over twenty. Bruce Little , a grandparent and travel agent from Camarillo, California, designed the group’s current website, GrandparentsforObama.org, as a media-rich, one-stop-shop for those wanting to get involved . Doug Kelley from Ann Arbor , Michigan , former Peace Corps Community Relations Director, has assumed responsibility for campaign materials, including campaign buttons, bumper stickers and t-shirts. All items are union-made in the U.S. and some, such as bookmarks, can be downloaded from the website and printed at home.

Others from key "swing states" like Florida and Arizona have joined the campaign's Steering Committee and weekly conference calls. "We want to make the world a better place for our grandchildren," says Deborah Lawrence, from Boca Raton , Florida . Susan Federighi from San Rafael , California , who raised her grandchildren from toddlers to teens, knows first-hand the real concerns that our grandchildren have for the future of our country. “Grandmother and grandchildren are working side by side for this campaign, including Students for Obama. Our young people have a natural affinity for a candidate they so readily believe in.”

Eight of the Grandparents for Obama Steering Committee will be attending the Democratic National Convention and five of the eight are national delegates. “For most of us,” according to Roy , “this will be our first experience at a national convention. We look forward to letting others know how deeply grandparents feel about this election. We are making history, one grandparent at a time!”

WHERE: Democratic National Convention, Denver , Colorado
WHEN: Monday, August 25 through Thursday, August 28
VISUALS: B ackdrop is the Democratic National Convention
Photos posted daily on GrandparentsforObama.org
Campaign logo is at: GrandparentsforObama.org under “Downloads”