Clegg For Congress (CD-2) - 2nd Amendment Day!

As NH Values Week Continues, Bob Clegg Talks2nd Amendment Rights

Concord, NH - Day 3 of New Hampshire Values Week and today Bob focuses on the 2ndAmendment Right to Bear Arms. A proud long time member of the NRA and The NH Firearms Coalition, Bob has always defended the rights of the individual and knows it is something the forefathers of this nation deliberately put into the Constitution with foresight.

“ For 14 years, I have fought to protect our Second Amendment rights in the New Hampshire State House. Now, it is time to take that fight to the US Congress. For far too long, lawmakers in D.C. have sought to rewrite and reinterpret the constitution for short term political gains. Many seem to have forgotten that without the Second Amendment we lose the ability to defend the other rights reserved for us in the constitution,” says Clegg.

For 2nd Amendment Day of New Hampshire Value Week, Bob has launched another of his great web ads.

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