DNC Video: Voters React to McCain Losing Track of How Many Houses He Owns

After Saying The Fundamentals of our Economy are Strong, McCain Loses Track of How Many Houses He Owns (No Wonder He Offers More of the Same) 

Washington, DC -- In an interview published today in the Politico, John McCain was asked how many houses he owns.  His answer? He lost track: "I'll have my staff get to you."   In other words, in the same day he claimed "the fundamentals of our economy ar strong, John McCain admitted that that he's lost count of how many houses he owns.

In response to McCain's latest out of touch misstep, the Democratic National Committee today released a new web video called "How Many" that features real "man on the street" interviews asking real voters on the streets if they know how many houses they own.  Not surprisingly, everyone could answer the question.

McCain's out of touch comments come as Americans are struggling with shrinking wages, skyrocketing cost of living and a foreclosure crisis that threatens their livelihoods. Nationwide, more than 272,000 homes received a foreclosure notice last month, up 55 percent from July 2007 and 8 percent from June.  More than 77,000 homes were repossessed by lenders in July.  [Politico, 8/21/08; AP, 8/19/08]

"John McCain continues to find new ways to show how out of touch he is with the challenges facing the American people," said DNC spokesman Damien LaVera.  "While millions of families are struggling to stay in their homes, John McCain can't even keep track of how many he owns. No wonder he thinks the fundamentals of our economy are sound and is offering more of the same disastrous economic policies we've seen for the last eight years.  American's working families simply cannot afford more of the same failed and out of touch economic agenda."

To see the DNC's new video "How Many," click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpdc2Q50JPA

DNC Web Video: "How Many"

TEXT: John McCain was asked how many houses he owns…

TEXT: Apparently, he's lost track.  "I'll have my staff get to you." [Politico, 8/21/08]

QUESTION: Are you guys aware of how many houses you own?

VOTER 1: We are aware.

VOTE 2: I only own one house, and that's more than enough with the foreclosures and whatnot.

VOTER 1: We own zero.

QUESTION: House many houses do you own?

VOTER 3: Zero

QUESTION: Do you know of any people who have forgotten how many houses they own?

VOTER 3: Is this a trick question? No.

QUESTION: How many houses do you own?

VOTER 4: Two

QUESTION: Two. Did you ever forget that?


QUESTION: Has anyone in your family ever forgotten?

VOTER 4: No.

QUESTION: OK. Could you understand someone forgetting?

VOTER 4: No.

QUESTION: We're just wondering if its, you know, a common problem to forget how many houses you own?

VOTER 3: I assume no. That is not common. 

QUESTION:  Have you ever forgotten how many houses you own?

VOTER 2:  No, never. 

VOTER 1: I can see with seven how you could, you know, forget. It's hard to keep track of.

VOTER 5: Yeah, exactly. Somebody takes care of that for you. 

VOTER 2: Well, you could be that wealthy where you don't know what you have, in spite of the fact that other people are so poor they don't have anything.

TEXT: John McCain: The Answer is seven.

TEXT:  John McCain: More of the Same.