NH GOP - Shaheen's Federal Tax Flips

CONCORD –Tomorrow the 2008 summer Olympics will come to a close. However, Granite Staters will have the opportunity to watch Jeanne Shaheen twist and contort her positions right up until Election Day.

In the six years between her Senate campaigns Shaheen has completed numerous flips on major issues, including an impressive 180 degree spin on federal tax cuts. In 2002, candidate Shaheen was an enthusiastic supporter of the 2001 federal tax cuts, even claiming that she would have voted for the tax reductions if she had been in the Senate. In 2008, candidate Shaheen has completely flipped her position, and is now calling for the repeal of the very same tax cuts that she once championed.

“Apparently, Jeanne Shaheen was for the 2001 federal tax cuts before she was against them. Of course, in the preliminary rounds Shaheen flip-flopped on the state sales tax, campaigning against broad-based taxes but then she introduced a 2.5 percent sales tax. She has no credibility on this issue given her record of inconsistent campaign rhetoric and blatant flip-flops on tax cuts,” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“When it comes to taxes, Jeanne Shaheen simply cannot be trusted. She lacks the basic principles and convictions to maintain a consistent position, and instead continually twists and flips her tax rhetoric at the direction of her liberal party leaders. Granite Staters want a Senator who will actually their lower taxes, not one that will offer empty campaign pledges that change from one election to the next,” Cullen said.



Degree of Difficulty: 1.0 (It’s easy to say one thing in a campaign and then do another)

Eagerness To Criticize Tax Cuts She Once Said She “Would Have Voted For”: 10

Willingness To Take Two Directly Opposing Positions On The Same Issue: 10

Ability To Lose All Credibility On Taxes : 10

Medal: GOLD


In 2002,Candidate Shaheen Supported The 2001 Federal Tax Cuts:

· · Shaheen: “One is on the Bush tax cut, where I said that I would have voted for the Bush tax cut had I been in the Senate.” (Harry R. Weber, “Leadership, Abortion, Taxes, Independence, Education,” Associated Press , October 26, 2002)

· · David Lightman, “A Party Without A Place To Go; Elections Leave Democrats With Fractured Identity,” 11/2/2008)


· Emily’s List: “ She opposes Bush’s tax cuts..” (Emily’s List Endorsement, July2008, http://www.emilyslist.org/candidates/jeanne_shaheen/)

· ·, but about the 47million who are uninsured and underinsured,’ said Shaheen adding that rolling back the bush tax cuts of those who earn more that $200,000 per year would pay for about half of that expense.” (“In Laconia: Shaheen Meets With Leaders,” The Laconia Citizen , 11/30/2007)