Bosse For Congress (NH CD2) - Bosse Unveils National Security Plan

Congressional candidate sets out security priorities at home and abroad

(Nashua) Republican Grant Bosse today unveiled a comprehensive National Security Plan to win the war against Islamic Fascism, secure America’s borders, and modernize America’s military, diplomatic, and intelligence agencies. Bosse laid out his priorities for national security while addressing employees at BAE Systems in Nashua. BAE is New Hampshire’s largest manufacturer, and provides essential equipment for U.S. troops across several branches of the military.

“Defending this nation is the first responsibility of Congress, and anyone unwilling to address national security shouldn’t seek the office,” Bosse said. “These national security priorities will meet the current and future threats to American peace and prosperity, re-establish the balance of power, and help modernize our military so that we can do more than win the next war. If we can build upon America’s military supremacy, we could avoid it entirely.”

Bosse’s National Security Plan includes the following key points:

*· Win the War against Islamic Fascism,*

*· Defend Democracy,*

*· Provide Border Security,*

*· Provide Energy Security,*

*· Repeal the War Powers Act,*

*· Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security,*

*· Reform the VA System to specialize in service-related care,*

*· Modernize the Department of Defense budget and procurement process,*

*· Reform the diplomatic corps,*

*· **Concentrate on human intelligence gathering.*

Bosse's National Security Plan can be read in full here <> ;. For more information on Bosse’s aggressive grassroots campaign, log onto