McCain For President - NH Small Business Leaders for McCain Chair Says Obama Policies Would Stifle Small Business Community

MANCHESTER, NH -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today released a statement from New Hampshire Small Business Leaders for John McCain Chair Jim Burke. As Democrats meet in Denver on Tuesday to put their best spin on Barack Obama's record of support for high taxes and wasteful federal spending, Burke, a Bedford small businessman, issued the following comments:

"Democrat convention hoopla aside, Barack Obama doesn't have the experience and judgment to know how to bolster the Granite State's small business community. While small businessmen and women know that higher taxes make it harder to create jobs, Barack Obama has voted 94 times in the Senate for tax increases. He's also backed nearly $1 billion in wasteful pork-barrel spending, contributing to Washington's culture of fiscal irresponsibility.

"Obama also doesn't seem to understand the urgent need for America to become energy independent. While John McCain has put forward an 'all of the above' proposal to expand domestic energy sources, Obama refuses to support several common-sense solutions to our country's energy situation. Bottom line, Barack Obama is not ready to lead."