Clegg For Congress (NH CD-2) - Major General John Blatsos Endorses Bob Clegg For Congress

40 Year Army Veteran Picks Clegg in 2ndDistrict

Concord, NH - Retired Army Major General John Blatsos has endorsed Senator Bob Clegg in the 2nd District Congressional Race for the Republican nomination. Noting his record of accomplishments as a State Legislator for men and women in uniform, General Blatsos said in a letter, he endorses and supports Clegg knowing that he will represent military members “365 days a year, not just in November of an election year.”

The letter continued, “Today’s middle class is what we fought for in World War II and it has made this country what it is today. Senator Clegg knows this and makes this his first priority. Washington will not change Senator Clegg, he will change Washington.”

“It is always humbling to receive support of someone who so honorably served this nation and this state for so long,” said Clegg. “I believe one of the greatest priorities of elected officials is to make sure we keep our promises to the men and women who wear the uniform now, or who have done so in the past. That is why I will continue to fight for full service medical care for returning veterans and to fully fund troops serving our nation overseas.”

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