Horn For Congress (NH CD-2) - Representative Beverly Rodeschin Endorses Jennifer Horn

NASHUA - Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of State Representative Beverly (Bev) Rodeschin of Newport.  Representative Rodeschin is a former State Senator and currently serving her ninth term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  Beverly is presently the only Republican State Representative in Sullivan County. 

Representative Rodeschin:  “Jennifer Horn is energetic, articulate, and quick on her feet.  Jennifer knows the issues and understands how decisions made in Washington affect families in New Hampshire.  She is the strongest candidate to beat Paul Hodes and return a Representative to Congress who will always vote in the best interest on us back home.  I look forward to helping Jennifer Horn become our next Congresswoman.”

Jennifer Horn: “I am honored to have Representative Rodeschin endorse my campaign to retire Paul Hodes.  She is a true leader in the New Hampshire House of Representatives who understands the importance of reducing the size of government, eliminating earmarks and unfunded mandates, and lowering taxes for New Hampshire families.  Beverly knows how to win campaigns in Sullivan County and will be a great asset to my campaign team.”

• Former State Senator
• Nine term State Representative
• Owns Rody’s Gun Shop in Newport, NH with husband Henry