NHGOP: Top Ten Things Jeanne Shaheen Didn't Mention In Her DNC Convention Speech

CONCORD - As Jeanne Shaheen ditches the Granite State this evening to address the Democratic National Convention, the New Hampshire Republican Party brings you the Top 10 things she won’t mention as she panders to the left-wing activists and tries to impress political insiders gathered in Denver, Colorado:

10. The Record Drop-Out Rates That Occurred During Her Watch: During the first four years of Shaheen’s administration more than 25% of New Hampshire’s high school students dropped out (New Hampshire Center For Public Policy, June2002).

9. Her Shifting Energy Rhetoric: In May 2007 Shaheen declared her opposition to new any new domestic drilling and bluntly stated that “More drilling is the answer the oil companies are looking for, not the answer New Hampshire families are looking for,” (Shaheen Campaign Press Release, 5/13/08). Now with gas prices at record levels, Shaheen has shifted her campaign energy rhetoric and is trying to run from her previous comments about drilling.

8 Her Position On Second Amendment Rights: Shaheen refuses to talk about her position on the recent landmark Supreme Court ruling on Second Amendment Rights. The Eagle Tribune ( The Eagle Tribune , 6/27/08) reports that “Former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen did not return calls asking for a comment,” about the ruling and The Keene Sentinel said they “didn’t hear” from her either when they asked her for comment on the same topic (The Keene Sentinel , 6/30/08).

7 Her Position On Major National Security Legislation: The Nashua Telegraph asked Shaheen how she would have voted on the critical Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). “We’re still waiting for an answer to that question,” reports the Telegraph. ( The Nashua Telegraph , 7/13/08)

6 Her Legislation That Increased Health Care Costs For New Hampshire Families: As a state senator, Shaheen authored SB711, a disastrous bill that increased government mandates and drove 6 out of 10health insurance companies out of New Hampshire. Her legislation resulted in fewer choices and higher insurance premiums for all Granite Staters. (Council for Affordable Health Insurance, “Destroying Insurance Markets”2005)

5 Her Abysmal Tax Record: As Governor, Jeanne Shaheen signed the state’s first statewide property tax and proposed a capital gains tax and a 2.5 % sales tax that would have devastated New Hampshire’s economy.

4 Her Previous Support For The Bush Tax Cuts: Jeanne Shaheen doesn’t want her union buddies and liberal backers to know that in 2002 she was an unabashed supporter of the 2001 Bush tax cuts – clearly stating that “I supported the Bush tax cuts” and “ I would have voted for the Bush tax cut had I been in the Senate.” (Associated Press, 10/25/2002).In 2007 Shaheen flip-flopped on her previous position and now wants to raise taxes on working families and shamelessly criticizes the very same tax cuts she once supported.

Watch Shaheen in 2002 Support The Bush Tax Cuts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6Ts4HTG570

3 Her Record Of Failed Leadership: While Jeanne Shaheen will try to portray herself as a successful Governor, the reality is that she failed to provide leadership on the major issues she encountered during her six years in the corner office. Shaheen left New Hampshire’s school funding system in crisis, proposed new taxes as her “solution” to virtually every problem, and doubled state spending. Shaheen recently admitted in an i nterview with the Concord Monitor that she lost her 2002 Senate race because of “the job that I did as Governor.” (Concord Monitor, 7/2/2008)

2 Her Previous Support For The War In Iraq: In 2008, Jeanne Shaheen panders to the liberal MoveOn.org crowd by portraying herself as a consistent critic of the mission in Iraq. But, what she doesn’t want her radical, left wing supporters to know is that she is a blatant flip-flopper, and in 2002 she strongly supported President Bush’s “goals for regime change in Iraq, ” (Union Leader, 10/3/2002). Shaheen actually bragged that she “came out very early in support of the president on Iraq,” and she “came out very early the day the White House and the House leadership negotiated the resolution on Iraq,” (Associated Press,10/25/2002).

Watch Shaheen In 2002 Support “Regime Change” In Iraq: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6Ts4HTG570

And the number one thing Jeanne Shaheen won’t mention during her speech to the DNC Convention…

1 Her Commitment To “Stand With President Bush”: She wasn’t afraid to say it in 2002 ( Click Here For Video )while campaigning in New Hampshire - but something tells us she won’t use that line this year in front of tens of thou sands of liberal activists in Colorado . (UNH/NHPTV Debate, October 2002)