Bosse For Congress (NH CD-2) - Jennifer Horn: Dazed, Confused, and Unprepared

Can't explain own position on national security, veterans, medical marijuana

(Nashua) Republican Grant Bosse admonished Jennifer Horn for yet another example of her naivety on important national issues. In a recent exchange with the Concord Monitor Editorial Board, Horn was dazed and confused when trying to answer a question concerning the Patriot Act. This is just the latest example of Horn failing to address serious issues. Horn could not say which version of the new GI Bill of Rights she supported, nor could she tell the difference between the two proposed versions. Horn also failed to clarify whether she supports legalized medical marijuana. When pressed to clarify her position, Horn had to be rescued by her staff.

"Jennifer Horn has proven herself to be dazed, confused, and unprepared to serve in Congress," Bosse said. "Jennifer Horn is dazed on legalizing marijuana, confused on the GI Bill of Rights, and unprepared to even address the Patriot Act and civil liberties."

In an editorial board meeting with the Concord Monitor, Horn could not answer a question about the Patriot Act, and whether she supported John Sununu's efforts to amend it to protect civil liberties. In a recent interview with the Concord Monitor, Horn couldn't explain which version of the GI Bill of Rights she supported. When pressed to explain her position, she replied "You know what, I'm not going to compare the two bills right now, because I really don't remember the exact comparisons." Following a debate in Nashua, Horn could not say whether she would repeal federal drug laws, and leave such decisions to state government. Horn was pulled away from the questioner by her campaign staff before she could answer the question.

"National security, civil liberties, the GI Bill of Rights, these are serious issues, and we deserve serious candidates who are prepared to address them," Bosse continued. "Jennifer Horn is as dangerously unprepared as Barack Obama."

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