Horn For Congress (NH CD-2) - Statement on McCain Selection of Gov Palin for VP

NASHUA – Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, applauded Sen. John McCain’s choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Jennifer Horn: “This is a great choice and America should be proud.  As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has been a strong voice for the people; tackling high taxes, government waste and corruption.  She has been a leader in the effort to reform what is wrong with the way government works.

Sarah Palin embodies the American woman today.   As a former sportscaster, and both a mom and Governor of Alaska, she has shown that we can break through the glass ceiling while we are reminded that America continues to be the place of opportunity.   Sarah Palin has dealt with issues both on the executive level and at the kitchen table level.  We need more people like Sarah Palin willing to stand-up and serve their country.  

By choosing such an articulate, experienced woman for his running mate, John McCain has proven once again that he is the right choice for America.  It’s a strong, solid ticket that each and every voter in New Hampshire can be proud to support.  As a fellow mother of 5, I applaud the choice of Sarah Palin.”