RNCC - Shea-Porter Fails 2008 Energy Report Card

Do-Nothing Dems Take Summer Vacation While Gas Prices Crush Americans

Washington- Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) received failing grades for her obstructionist energy stance, according to a report card released by the National Republican Congressional Committee. The report card is a compilation of Shea-Porter's repeated efforts to block energy legislation favored by Republicans and an overwhelming majority of the American people.

With average national gas prices at painful levels, Shea-Porter has refused to listen to the people of New Hampshire and instead sides consistently with do-nothing Democrat leadership in order to block Republican energy solutions and ensure that American drivers continue to suffer from pain at the pump. With Congress headed for its August vacation, Democrats have once again proved that they are taking a hard line against lowering gas prices and securing American energy independence.

Click below to view the NRCC energy report card for the Democrat majority:



Carol Shea-Porter has used her brief stint in office to define herself as an out-of-touch obstructionist, but this report card paints an alarming picture of a member of Congress who will do anything she can to side with Democrat leadership instead of the people of New Hampshire,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “Shea-Porter's do-nothing energy stance is a tremendous failure in the eyes of New Hampshire voters.”

Gas prices continue to hurt Americans and Carol Shea-Porter still refuses to support meaningful energy solutions. How many more failing grades will Shea-Porter earn before the people of New Hampshire can afford to fill their gas tanks?