Clegg For Congress - Clegg's Energy Week

2nd CD Candidate Spotlights Energy on the Campaign Trail & on the Web!


Concord, NH - Congress enjoys its first of five weeks of summer vacation starting today, and Bob Clegg recognizes it by spotlighting one of the major issues left unsolved before their departure from Washington: Energy!


Over the course of the next week, the 2ndDistrict Congressional Candidate will release a series of videos, guest blogsand surveys, designed to spur discussion and spotlight the available and viablesolutions right here in New Hampshire that would greatly reduce the effects ofthe current energy crisis and impact on people’s pockets.


Take the survey today by going to The Drudge Report and clicking on the ad at the top of your page!


“Paul Hodes has done nothing in Congress to help us through this very difficult time of high gas prices and an unknown energy future. After a series of saying “no” Paul Hodes, along with his Pelosi colleagues, said “YES” to a summer vacation refusing to even consider the plight of the folks back home. They don’t think we deserve even a discussion on possible solutions.” Clegg said.

He continued, “Several Congressional Members say that it wouldtake five to ten years to implement many of the proposals Americans havesuggested. What Congress fails to recognize is the will of the American peopleis strong.  They ignore the fact America has the ability to movequickly when government steps out of its way.   They also fail tounderstand doing nothing is not an option.   When times get tough,the tough get going.  America is ready to go, too bad Congress ranaway.”


Check out the first video tomorrow on and don’t forget to check back throughout the week for the latest blogs and other information regarding Bob Clegg’s Energy Week!