NH GOP - Guess where Shaheen is tonight?




CONCORD Jeanne Shaheen will travel to Chicago, Illinois this evening to rub shoulders with union bosses and other special interests at an exclusive reception hosted by the AFL-CIO.


Shaheen has already accepted $159,000 from big labor PACs and recently announced her support for anti-democratic legislation that would deny workers the right to a secret ballot vote on union representation. The bill, which is being spearheaded by the same special interest groups that are funding the Shaheen campaign, exposes workers to intimidation, coercion and retaliation from union organizers.


A recent poll shows that an overwhelming majority of New Hampshire residents reject card check legislation. In the survey, 68% of Granite Staters said that they are opposed to any efforts to replace a federally supervised secret ballot election to determine union representation.


“It’s no surprise that Jeanne Shaheen is jetting off to Chicago this evening to rub shoulders with big labor leaders and union fat cats instead of campaigning in New Hampshire. On virtually every important issue, she has championed the partisan agenda of her liberal backers,” said New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen.


“Instead of standing with New Hampshire voters, who resoundingly reject this anti-democratic legislation, Jeanne Shaheen has decided to stand up for the union bosses who are bankrolling her campaign. With New Hampshire families struggling to cope with skyrocketing gas prices, Shaheen should focus on developing a serious energy plan instead of wining and dining with her political cronies.”




Jeanne Shaheen Will Attend anExclusive Reception in ChicagoHosted by the AFL-CIO (Jill Zuckman, Labor Leaders LookTo Final Campaign Days, Chicago Tribune,http://www.swamppolitics.com/news/politics/blog/,8/4/08).


Jeanne Shaheen Has Accepted $159,000From Union Political Action Committees: (OpenSecrets.org,2008 Race: New Hampshire Race, Sector Totals)


And Is Supporting Union Backed Legislation That Will Strip Workers Of The Right To A Secret Ballot:


The Union Leader: “New Hampshire is one of a dozen states considered critical to upholding a filibuster in the U.S. Senate against the union-backed Employer Free Choice Act…Both New Hampshire's Republican U.S. Sens. Judd Gregg and John Sununu voted against the so-called ‘card check’ legislation on June 26, 2007…Shaheen, who lost to Sununu in 2002 by almost 20,000 votes, supports card check.” ("NH may play 'card check' filibuster role," The Union Leader, 7/29/08)


Sixty-Eight Percent of New Hampshire Voters Reject Card-Check Legislation: (McLaughlin and Associates Survey, conducted July 8-10, 2008, N=300 likely NH Voters, http://www.myprivateballot.com/fs/resource:id/x1wr5np68dwc8g/xa5uskmi0ms3o0?_adctlid=v%7Cx1nebahdn7kdhz%7Cxb5ypbkcj0li4q)


Card Check Legislation Would Cause A “Radical Reordering” Of Labor Management Relations:


Stephen J. Law, U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Chief Legal Counsel: "This is not a minute change, but a truly radical reordering of labor-management relations and labor-management laws that have been in this country literally for half a century or longer.’ Today, in union drives, Law said, ‘There is a private vote where workers are able to go into the privacy of the voting booth free from intimidation by either the employer or by the union and cast that vote in secret. The effective result of the [Card Check Legislation] would be to remove that option, because unions would then be free to get their union certified solely by collecting cards from 50 percent plus one, of that workforce’” ("NH may play 'card check' filibuster role," The Union Leader,7/29/08)