Young Republicans Applaud Republican Members of Congress for Demanding Action on Energy Policy

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On Friday, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to give themselves five weeks of vacation, Republicans voted to stay in Washington until Congress votes on real legislative solutions to America's energy problem. Even as Democrats turned off the lights, cameras, and microphones, many Republicans remained in the Capitol to address this pressing issue.


The Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) applauds Republicans in Congress who refused go home, staying on the House Floor calling upon Democrats to provide an up-or-down vote on any number of bills providing a comprehensive solution to the high gas prices weighing down on so many Americans, including proposals for off-shore drilling, increased refinery capacity, increased freight rail capacity, more nuclear power, and expansion of biofuel-powered flex-fuel vehicles.

Young Republicans agree that we need to produce more American energy here at home. The Democrats who lead Congress should do just that -- provide leadership to solve the energy crisis, boosting the economy and strengthening national security at the same time.

Here is Politico coverage of the proceedings:

Friday's refusal to adjourn 
Monday's continued protest 

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