DNC Releases New Video: "Puppet Masters"

Video Shows How Lobbyists For Big Oil Pull the Strings on McCain Energy Plan

Washington, DC - The Democratic National Committee today released a new web ad called "Puppet Masters" that shows who's pulling the strings on John McCain's energy policy.  The video features an animated John McCain puppet appearing on stage to oppose Senator Obama's plan to give middle class families a $1,000 rebate funded by a windfall profits tax on the oil and proposing gas tax gimmick of his own that won't reduce the price of gas, but would line the pockets of his friends in Big Oil.  As McCain talks, the video reveals the puppet masters pulling McCain's strings: the Big Oil lobbyists advising and raising money for his campaign.

Last week, Campaign Money Watch reported that 33 of McCain's fundraisers or advisors have lobbied for the oil and gas industry.  Reports also show that McCain has raised more than $2 million from the oil and gas industry since January 2007--hardly a surprise considering John McCain's promise of four more years of energy policies that have left American families paying skyrocketing energy costs while Big Oil reported record profits.  Even today, news reports outline additional issues with McCain oil company donors who gave after his switch on drilling.

"The American people want a President who will put their interests ahead of John McCain's oil company buddies and their lobbyists," said DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney.  "The reviews are in, and while the last seven years were a bonanza for Big Oil they've been a bust for America's working families.  The American people have seen this show before, and they aren't looking for an encore."

To watch the video, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VMfcOIegcs

The following is an annotated script of the video.

DNC Web Ad
"Puppet Masters"

TEXT: Who is Pulling the Strings on John McCain's Energy Plan?

MCCAIN: "Now as then, all a windfall profits tax will accomplish is to increase our dependence on foreign oil, and hinder exactly the kind of domestic exploration and production we need." [McCain Speech to Oil Executives (Houston, TX), 6/17/08]

TEXT (over applause): Big Oil: $143 Billion in Profits Over the Last Year [Securities and Exchange Commission, 2007-2008]

MCCAIN: "I propose that the federal government suspend all taxes on gasoline now paid  by the American people from Memorial Day to Labor Day." [McCain remarks (Pittsburgh, PA), 4/15/08]

TEXT (over applause): 200 Economists: Gas Tax Gimmick Means Even More for Big Oil  [CNN, 5/6/08]

TEXT: 33 McCain Advisors and Fundraisers Lobbied for Big Oil [Campaign Money Watch, 7/31/08: http://www.campaignmoney.org/files/Its_A_Gusher.pdf

TEXT: Oil Industry Contributes $2 Million to McCain Campaign [Center for Responsive Politics; Washington Post, 7/27/08]

TEXT: Big Oil in the White House? We've Seen This Show Before.

TEXT: John McCain: More of the Same on Energy