NH GOP ICYMI- Editorial: War Profiteers?: NH Dems Smear Contractors

Did you know that New Hampshire is home to greedy, unpatriotic war profiteers? Oh, yes! At least, that is one of the latest outrageous smears from the New Hampshire Democratic Party.\

In a July 17 press release, the party four times referred to defense contractors who had contributed to Sen. John Sununu as "war profiteers." But it didn't name all of the companies. We asked for a list of the companies, and now we know why they weren't named. As we expected, the list included BAE Systems, which employs thousands of Granite Staters at its locations in Nashua, Hudson, and Merrimack; Tyco International, formerly of Exeter; L-3 Communications of Canton, Mass.; and Raytheon, of Waltham, Mass.

It would be one thing if the Democratic Party used the term "war profiteer" only in reference to Halliburton or other companies accused of wrongdoing in Iraq. But the party called all defense contractors who had donated to Sununu "war profiteers" and stated that "these companies are bilking American taxpayers for billions."

That's an outrageous smear that taints both the companies and their employees. After all, if it is wrong for the company to make profits on war, isn't it also wrong for the employees?

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