NH GOP - Shaheen's Olympic Caliber Flip-Flops

CONCORD – Today, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games held its opening ceremony, kicking off sixteen days of intense competition between some of the world’s greatest athletes. While most sports fans will only have a limited window to observe Olympic caliber skills and abilities, Granite Staters will have ample opportunity to witness Jeanne Shaheen complete an impressive array of flips and contortions this election season.

Shaheen has artfully twisted her campaign rhetoric as the political winds have shifted. Exhibiting core convictions as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, she has bended and shifted her stated policies during election years to conceal her true agenda.

“Jeanne Shaheen’s ability to flip, shift, twist, and contort rival that of any accomplished Olympian. For years, Granite Staters have marveled at Shaheen’s impressive political acrobatics and eagerness to flip-flop on major policy issues,” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“Recently we have seen her ‘leap’ from her previous statements opposing new domestic energy production as public opinion has changed. She once frequently discussed her vehement resistance to any drilling, but has now gracefully twisted her political rhetoric to conceal her actual position. When it comes to phony, election year shifts and Olympic-caliber flip-flopping, Jeanne Shaheen continues to set the gold standard.”

As the Olympic games progress, the New Hampshire Republican Party will honor some of Shaheen’s more accomplished flip-flops with awards based on the degree of skill and difficulty of the shift.




Jeanne Shaheen Opposed More Drilling For Domestic Energy :

Shaheen: “ More drilling is the answer the oil companies are looking for, not the answer New Hampshire families are looking for.” (Shaheen Campaign Press Release, John Sununu Votes To Continue Bush-Cheney Energy Policy, Open Up ANWR, Atlantic Costal Waters To Drilling,5/13/08)

Nashua Telegraph: “Sununu has voted to drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge and lift the ban on offshore drilling. Shaheen opposes both.” (Sununu Faults Shaheen Energy Plans, Nashua Telegraph, 6/26/2008)

But Has “Leaped” To A Nuanced Position That Includes Drilling On Potentially Unproductive Areas:

Union Leader : “Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes all claim to support domestic drilling for oil. They support a national Democratic Party plan to force oil companies to drill on federal land they have leased. They claim that the oil companies have leased 68 million acres on which they refuse to drill, and that Congress should force them to drill now or give up the leases. This is nothing but a ploy to sound like they support drilling when they really don’t.” (“About Those 68Million Acres,” Union Leader,8/4/08)

Union Leader : “The idea that all 68 million acres are “drillable,” implying that they could produce oil right away if only the oil companies “get to work today” is completely false.” (“About Those 68 Million Acres,” Union Leader , 8/4/08)

And Now Her Campaign, Senior Advisors And Layers Are “Jumping” To Convince People That She Is A Proponent Of Drilling:

Senior Shaheen Advisor Judy Reardon : “The fact is Jeanne Shaheensupports more domestic drilling.” (Shaheen Campaign Email, 7/31/08)

Shaheen Campaign Press Release: “ Increase domestic production by drilling. ” (Shaheen Campaign Press Release Jeanne Shaheen Discusses Comprehensive Strategy To Lower Home Heating Costs ,8/2/08)

Jeanne Shaheen’s Legal Team: “ [I]n fact, she supports new oil drilling, including offshore oil drilling.” (“Shaheen lawyers demand radio ad be pulled off air”, Union Leader, 8/2/08)


Ability To Cave Into Radical Environmental Groups Supporting Her Campaign: 9.6

Willingness To Shift Position As Gas Prices Rise And More Granite Staters Demand More Domestic Exploration: 9.8

Inability To Offer A Real Energy Plan That Will Actually Lower Gas Prices For New Hampshire Families: 10