Bosse For Congress (NH CD-2) - Bosse Earns Concord Monitor Endorsement

He gives Republicans their best chance to replace Paul Hodes

(Concord) Republican Grant Bosse has earned the endorsement of the Concord Monitor, as his "conservative and clear" positions builds momentum towards the September 9th Republican primary. Bosse was cited for the consistency of his message, standing apart from his Republican rivals.

"Republican voters will know exactly where Bosse stands on every issue." wrote the Monitor. "He has thought through all the basic policy questions. He's smart, well-informed and an extremely effective and genial advocate for his free-market, conservative positions."

Compare this to the observations the Monitor had on the other candidates in the race:

Bob Clegg: "He holds his cards close and seldom lets even his allies know which one he intends to play. That allows him to win more than he loses, but it also makes it difficult to tell where he really stands on an issue and what he will give away in a horse trade."

Jim Steiner: "His military experience gave him leadership skills but his positions, at times, are unclear."

Jennifer Horn: "Horn, a radio talk show host, has few thought-out positions. Her campaign consists of a Muzak of conservative clichés that fill what would otherwise be dead air time."

"I'm proud the Concord Monitor has recognized the strength of my clear, conservative message," said Bosse. Over the next ten days, I'll continue to bring that message to the voters of New Hampshire's Second District."

The Monitor summed up its reasons for endorsing Bosse, saying "Because his positions are conservative and clear, he gives Republicans their best chance to replace Hodes."

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