CEI - Blogger Update: Labor Day Edition

In time for Labor Day, CEI ’s labor policy analyst, Ivan Osorio, does mucho blogging on Openmarket.org, on various bits of Big Labor skulduggery.

Two new articles, Happy Labor Day! and A union spokeswoman is left out in the cold, report on Big Labor’s election agenda and unions’ politicized use of their pension funds:

Osorio has also written a series of posts on the 2 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), whose head, Andy Stern, is one of the most influential union bosses in America.

A developing scandal at California’s biggest union local:

SEIU’s California Scheming, Part 1

SEIU’s California Scheming, Part 2

SEIU’s California Scheming, Part 3

SEIU colludes with an employer to undermine employee choice on joining a union:

More SEIU skullduggery — with employer help?

SEIU targets private equity firms, again:

Yet more on SEIU — it’s going after private equity, again

>> More great content from CEI's New Media Team:

Issue in a Minute: Colombia Deserves The Free Trade Agreement

Fran Smith, adjunct fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, refutes some criticism of the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Watch it here

CEI's New Weekly Podcast w/Special Guest Dick Heller

This week, your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist take on the best technology conference in Aspen, financial regulations in court, private toll roads for DC, cutting edge convention coverage, and the Olympic aftermath.

SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEW : In addition to everything else, we interview Second Amendment hero and Supreme Court victor Dick Heller. (Segment begins around 30:20). Read more on the case, District of Columbia v. Heller, at Cato Unbound.

Listen to it here

>> Check out the latest blogs posts, articles, and Op-Eds from the public policy experts at the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

Russia Bears Down on European Energy

by Iain Murray

European nations can’t reduce emissions on their own, for the aforementioned reasons, so they need to buy credit from elsewhere. This was the central reason behind Russia’s ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. To put it bluntly, the Kyoto Protocol is subsidizing Putin’s military retrenchment.


Cruising in Loving Memory of Cheap Gas

by Sam Kazman

A chance encounter on Route 29 turns me happily superstitious on the topic of cheaper gas.


DMCA takedown notices should take fair use into consideration

by Ryan Radia

Ryan Radia discusses a recent Court decision which held that content owners may be liable for sending DMCA takedown notices without first evaluating fair use.


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