Bradley For Congress (NH CD-1) - Campaign Requests Attorney General Investigate Malicious Phone Calls

Manchester, NH – The Bradley for Congress campaign and possibly voters were subjected to a malicious phone calling tactic last evening. Just this morning, the Bradley for Congress campaign has requested an immediate investigation into the matter by the New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte.

“We will be working this morning to make sure that there are no further interruptions of our GOTV efforts,” said Periklis Karoutas, Campaign Manager for Jeb Bradley for Congress. “It is very disappointing to see that someone would go to such great lengths to affect this primary election. I hope Attorney General Ayotte is able to get to the bottom ofthe matter and hold whoever is responsible, accountable.”

NH Department of Justice

33 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301

Dear Attorney General Ayotte,

Last night, the Jeb Bradley for Congress Campaign received as many as 100 phone calls into the Jeb Bradley for Congress office during a two hour period. Callers informed our campaign they received repeated hang up calls from what appeared to be our campaign with our information on their caller ID's.

When we first received calls we immediately worked with our phone service provider and subsequently shut down all calls in and out of our campaign office phone number. The calls complaining about this did, however, continue up to two hours after we cancelled all phone activity. The Jeb Bradley for Congress campaign had to shut down its Get Out the Vote phone operation in order to remedy this situation.

It was determined that this was not a technical problem on our end.

We respectfully request that your offices immediately investigate this malicious tactic.

Periklis Karoutas

Campaign Manager

Jeb Bradley for Congress