Mayor Frank Guinta to the U.S. Bureau of Probation: Get Raymond Guay out of Manchester

MANCHESTER (September 9, 2008) – Mayor Frank Guinta contacted Thomas Tarr, the chief U.S. probation officer for New Hampshire, demanding that he remove convicted child killer Raymond Guay from Manchester.

“Mr. Tarr’s support of this relocation greatly troubles me and causes me to question the judgment of his agency. This is an affront to the law-abiding citizens of Manchester,” Mayor Guinta said. “It is beyond comprehension that Mr. Tarr would not consult, or even inform, the city of this decision. I demand that the Bureau to remove Mr. Guay out of Manchester immediately.

“The action of Mr. Tarr and his agency is unconscionable and will not stand. The people of Manchester refuse this decision and we will do everything within our power to stop the actions of this agency. If this agency continues on this path, I am prepared to call a special public hearing to discuss this matter and I will demand Mr. Tarr’s attendance at this meeting.”

The following is a motion that Mayor Guinta requested be sent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, to vote upon in an emergency phone poll:

“ As Raymond Guay posses a serious risk to our citizens and the children of the city, a motion to oppose the placement of Raymond Guay in the confines of the City of Manchester by the US Department of Probation. And we further demand his immediate removal from the City of Manchester by the US Department of Probation, or any other duly authorized federal or state agency.”

The vote was approved by the BMA and, as of now, there are 10 votes in support and none in opposition.