NH GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen Comments on Jeanne Shaheen's Speech Tonight

CONCORD Ne w Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen released the following statement on Jeanne Shaheen’s general election kick-off speech:

“Tonight, Jeanne Shaheen began her general election campaign by trying to rebrand, recycle and reinvent the same tired, liberal policies that failed New Hampshire families and taxpayers during her six years in office. Shaheen’s transparent attempt to lay out a ‘ new direction ’ for America was nothing more than a look in the rearview mirror of history and her failed record of more spending, bigger government and higher taxes.”

“As governor, Shaheen signed the first statewide property tax and proposed a capital gains tax and a 2.5% sales tax that would have ruined New Hampshire’s economy. As a Senate candidate, she has opposed more domestic drilling and advocated the discredited energy policies of the 1970s that made our country more dependent on foreign oil. The only direction that Jeanne Shaheen will take us is toward higher taxes, more spending, bigger government and an energy plan that will do nothing to lower fuel prices for New Hampshire families.”