Don't Let USA Get LOST

LOST gives the International Seabed Authority the power to regulate ocean research and exploration, and to impose quotas for deep-sea mining and oil production, or to deny access to such resources altogether, many of which the United States needs for national defense and other important industries.

The International Seabed Authority could require the United States to share intelligence, technology and even military information. LOST could impose restrictions on intelligence-gathering by U.S. submarines, activities that are essential to national defense.

The treaty also created the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, with the power to judge all disputes and enforce its decisions. There is no guarantee that the United States would have even one judge on this 21-member international court, and it is reasonable to assume that there would be an inherent bias against the United States by the anti-American countries whose representatives would be on the tribunal. And no appeals are allowed.

It is dangerous to national security for the Bush administration to promote LOST. Now that he's a lame duck, President Bush is ignoring his supporters, and pushing the agenda of those who are determined to eradicate our sovereignty and integrate the United States into his father's vision of a New World Order.

The Bush administration is pushing for ratification of the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty which would give control of the oceans and their riches to the world body. This treasonous treaty would become "the largest act of territorial conquest in world history."

Write/Call Senators Judd Gregg 225-7115 and John Sununu 647-7500 and urge them to oppose LOST.

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