Obama For President - Dover Family Introduces Obama, Highlights How Obama Agenda Provides Real Relief to Working and Middle Class Families

Dover, New Hampshire– Senator Barack Obama will be introduced at today’s New Hampshire campaign event by Kirsten and Kevin Meehan, parents of two from Dover who live on less than $4,000 a month and are struggling to make ends meet.

Despite Kevin’s job as a registered nurse, the disability assistance the family receives for Kirsten and the money the family saves with Kirsteen home schooling their two children, the Meehans are struggling to pay the bills. The Meehans bring home under $4,000 a month and with soaring home heating oil prices and mounting bills, they have recently fallen behind on several rent payments, and have been forced to take a hardship withdrawal from their 401K in order to pay their rent and buy heating oil for the winter.

Under Barack Obama’s economic plan, the Meehans would receive real relief – an emergency rebate check, tax credits, and lower health care costs. Click here to read the fact sheet.

In contrast, under the McCain economic plan, the Meehans would receive $0 in relief. In fact, the Meehans would pay more in taxes than they do now because under the McCain plan their health benefits would be taxed.


· An emergency rebate check of $500 this fall to help pay for the increasing cost of energy.

· A permanent $500 making work pay tax credit.

· A matching 50% credit on their first $1000 of retirement savings

· $2,500 in lower health care costs under Obama’s comprehensive health care plan


· The Meehans would receive $0 from the McCain plan.

· Their health benefits would be taxed (McCain's health plan is financed by taxing employee health benefits, which according to the McCain campaign would increase taxes on working families by $3.6 trillion over a decade).

Go to: http://nh.barackobama.com/nhtaxplan to read the fact sheet.