RNC - Launches New Radio Ad "Change or More of The Same"

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) today announced a new radio advertisement, titled “Change Or More Of The Same?” The ad highlights voters’ choice this election between real reform in Washington and more of the same, especially on the issue of government reform and pork-barrel spending. While John McCain has never sought an earmark during his career, Barack Obama has requested nearly $1 billion in only three short years in the Senate.

The ad will begin airing on Friday, September 12, 2008. It will air in New Hampshire, including on radio stations in Manchester, Portsmouth, and Concord.

To listen to the RNC’s new radio ad, click here.

:60 Radio Advertisement

Title: “Change Or More Of The Same?”

VO: Change or more of the same?

That’s the argument Barack Obama has been trying to make.

What about pork-barrel spending?

In 20 plus years in the Senate, John McCain has never sought an earmark. Not once.

As Governor, Sarah Palin vetoed nearly half a billion dollars in wasteful spending and cut earmark requests by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Barack Obama?

In three short years in the Senate, Obama requested nearly a billion dollars in earmarks.

Nearly one billion dollars. That’s over a million dollars for each day he’s been in Washington, D.C.

And Joe Biden?

Biden has been requesting earmarks for decades.

John McCain – Never requested an earmark.

Barack Obama – One billion dollars in earmark requests.

You decide… Who represents change?

John McCain and Sarah Palin will shake up Washington. Barack Obama… more of the same and opposed to real reform.