NH GOP - Shaheen's Nuclear Exposure (includes must-see '80s videos!)

NHGOP Uncovers Videos Exposing Jeanne Shaheen’s Past As An Opponent Of Nuclear Power

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Republican Party today exposed J eanne Shaheen’s blatant hypocrisy on nuclear power with the release of three videos that clearly showcase her staunch opposition to nuclear power.

At the same time Shaheen made these comments, she was organizing the radical anti-nuclear community in support of former Portsmouth Mayor Paul McEachern’s 1988 gubernatorial campaign. Shaheen served as the campaign manager and senior advisor to Paul McEachern, an extreme nuclear opponent, in both his 1986 and 1988 bids for the corner office. Today, Jeanne Shaheen has completely flip-flopped her position by claiming that she actually supports nuclear power and that it should be “part of the mix” in any plan to deal with our national energy crisis. With energy prices at record levels Shaheen has made yet another politically motivated, election year shift on an critical issue. She has already flip-flopped on a number of important positions such as her support for the 2001 Bush tax cuts, her support for the invasion of Iraq and her pledge to not implement any broad based taxes.

Last week, the Shaheen campaign made an attempt to distract from their candidate’s record as a radical community activist who had organized the far-left anti-nuclear community for the McEachern campaigns. In response to comments made by Ch airman Fergus Cullen about Shaheen’s activism, a senior campaign advisor released a letter that completely ignored her record. Employing a strategy that has become the hallmark of the Shaheen communications operation, the advisor declined to explain her clearly conflicting positions and attempted to create a clever ruse to distract from the obvious facts. The following video from a 1987 edition of WMUR’s Close Up confirms what everybody who was involved with the nuclear energy debate of the 1980’s already knew: that Jeanne Shaheen has made a brazen flip-flop on her nuclear position.



Nuclear Opponent Jeanne Shaheen Discusses How Dangerous Nuclear Power Is.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33o6rrYGnrI


MCEACHERN ADVISOR JEANNE SHAHEEN: “What’s happened to the nuclear industry since Seabrook was started? And that Three Mile Island in 1979 and what that did to the cost of nuclear power and Chernobyl, and the realization that nuclear power is dangerous and we’ve got to protect the public safety.”


Anti-Nuclear Opponent Jeanne Shaheen Admits That She Wants To Block Nuclear Power

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8uvb_2CtII


SHAHEEN: The people who are opposing Seabrook don’t ever want to pay for the plant and our position is that if that plant never goes online then we are never going to have to pay for it and the investors are going to take the loss, and I believe that’s going to happen.

FORMER SPEAKER MARSHALL COBLEIGH: I am glad to hear you say that, because for years all of us have known that the goal wasn’t CWIP, the goal wasn’t any of these court cases, it was to stop nuclear power and you just admitted that’s what your goal is. Your goal isn’t the concern about the rate payers. Your concern about the rate payers is that you say we are going to put it off, do it later, now later is here and you’ve got to pay the bill you postponed.

SHAHEEN: (Deafening silence)


Nuclear Opponent Jeanne Shaheen Criticizes Politicians Who Support Nuclear Po wer And Dismisses Claims That We Will Ever Become Vulnerable To Foreign Suppliers Of Energy.

Video Link:

Transcript: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHLIE8LXcTk

SHAHEEN: “Without the support of Mel Thomson and John Sununu this plant would have never made it where we are now. It would have gone under a long time ago. You can’t blame the political opponents of the plant for the situation that we are in, because we never would have gotten to this point without the political support of those people back in the beginning.”

COBLEIGH: “ And if we don’t have nuclear power in this country we are going to become more and more vulnerable to the Arabs in the mid east, and that’s why we are in danger of war, because we are not taking care of our energy dependence.

SHAHEEN: “ That argument just doesn’t wash!


Shaheen Has Indicated That Nuclear Power Would Be Key Component Of Her Energy Plan:

Shaheen: Nuclear power will be “part of the mix,” (Fosters Daily Democrat, 9/6/08)

However, Jeanne Shaheen Has Been A Consistent Critic Of Nuclear Power During Her Political Career:

Shaheen: “What Chernobyl and Three Mile Island have shown us is nuclear power is not a safe way to generate power.” (United Press International 10/12/1986)

Jeanne Shaheen Criticized Former President George H.W. Bush For Proposing A Nuclear Energy Plan That Included Nuclear Power:

The Union Leader : “ Shaheen, U.S. Rep. Swett and Committeeman Bruno all criticized Bush's recently unveiled national energy plan for concentrating on oil and nuclear power. ’Warmed-over the same,’ Shaheen called it.” (Union Leader, 3/3/91)

Shaheen’s Efforts To Fight Nuclear Power Resulted In Higher Utility Rates And Less Energy Production:

Former Governor Steve Merrill: “Not only does [Jeanne Shaheen] have a record of supporting broadbased taxes and bigger government, but this is the same Senator Shaheen who worked hard to delay the construction of the Seabrook nuclear plant, which in turn resulted in the high utility rates we are experiencing today,” (The Union Leader, 10/13/1995)

Former Speaker Marshall Cobleigh: “Long time N H residents know that she and I were weekly regulars on Channel 9’s Close Up program for ten years and I have many of the tapes of those programs. Those tapes show Shaheen fighting fiercely to hamstring nuclear licensing regulations.” (Union Leader, 7/3/2008)

Cobleigh: “In today’s world China is scheduled to build 50 Nuclear Reactors by the year 2020; Russia has scheduled to build 26 nuclear reactors; and India is scheduled to build enough nuclear reactors to meet 1/4 of the electricity needs of its one billion people. Meanwhile thanks to Shaheen’s and others opposition the United States has not built a nuclear plant in 31 years.” (Union Leader, 7/3/2008)

Jeanne Shaheen Organized Radical Anti-Nuclear Activists For Paul McEachern’s 1986 Gubernatorial Campaign:

The Boston Globe: “McEachern, a Portsmouth lawyer, has been part of the legal team fighting to prevent Seabrook from generating electricity. His campaign manager, Jeanne Shaheen, an experienced organizer who has achieved previous upset victories, said yesterday that she felt Sununu's support of Seabrook would be his downfall.” (Boston Globe, 9/10/1986)

The Washington Post: “McEachern's campaign manager. Jeanne Shaheen, a quiet, auburn-haired, awesomely focused mother of three, steered Gary Hart to his stunning upset victory in the l984 New Hampshire primary. She is lining up the anti-nuclear forces, which have kept Seabrook at bay for 10 years. ” (Washington Post, 9/14/1986)